Terms & Conditions

This page contains the terms & conditions. Please read these terms & conditions carefully before ordering your yard greeting. You should understand that by ordering any of our products, you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions.

  1. PAYMENT.  Payment is due at time of booking and payment must clear within 24 hours of delivery.  Payment information is transmitted over secure SSL encryption and is not stored.
  2. CANCELLATION. In the event that you need to cancel your order prior to the day of delivery, we reserve the right to refund 1⁄2 of your payment or you have the option to reschedule for the full value paid. Cancellations made the day of scheduled delivery may not receive a refund.
  3. RUSH ORDERS. Rush and same day orders will be accommodated with the following conditions:
  4. INCLEMENT WEATHER. We will not be able to deliver your Card My Yard greeting if there is lightning or other hazardous weather conditions that prevent set up and or take down. In the event of prohibitive weather or inclement weather, if we are unable to reschedule the greeting a refund will be honored.
  5. REFUND POLICY. We will not refund payment if homeowner requests greeting  to be removed.  We will not refund payment for errors that occur on order submission.
  6. The price includes delivery, set up and take down of the yard greeting. The local franchise owner will contact you directly to schedule your delivery.
  7. All Card My Yard greetings are meant to be pleasant surprises.  Please remember to notify the homeowner that they will be receiving the greeting within 24 hours so that they can make arrangements. Homeowners need to turn off their sprinkler systems and notify yard service companies for the duration of the yard greeting.
  8. All signs remain the local Card My Yard franchisee’s property. Any damage, destruction or tampering with the Card My Yard signs is prohibited.  Signs should not be moved without consent from the local franchise owner. You are responsible for replacement of the graphic, letter or stake at full replacement value. Full payment for any signs that are damaged will be enforced.
  9. Card My Yard reserves the right to politely decline orders that are political, controversial, lewd, disrespectful or that do not fit the celebratory nature of our business. Card My Yard locations are independently owned and revising requested wording or declining orders is done so at the Franchise owner's discretion. If an order is declined, a full refund will be given.