Card My Yard Kansas City-South

My name is Kati Purmort, I am the owner of Card My Yard South Kansas City. My husband Mike and I have two kids, Malori and Meyer and a sweet puppy Milli. I have lived in Kansas City for about 15 years and lived in Lawrence for college before that, Rock Chalk Jayhawk! I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO and still have a deep love for the mountains. I look forward to helping you celebrate with the perfect yard greeting!

Servicing: 66221, 66213, 66210, 66062, 66211, 66223, 66224, 66013 and 66083

This is an independently owned and operated franchise licensed by Card My Yard Franchising, LLC.

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Fonts (Hover for name)

Black Alphabet
Black Happy Birthday
Bright Blue Alphabet
Bright Blue Happy Birthday
Gold Alphabet
Gold Congrats
Green Alphabet
Green Happy Birthday
Pink Happy Birthday
Purple Alphabet
Purple Congrats
Red Alphabet
Red Happy Birthday
Royal Blue Happy Birthday
Silver Glitter Alphabet
Silver Glitter Congrats
Tie Dye Happy Birthday

Graphics (Hover for name)

America: Flag
Animal: Dinosaur - Green
Animal: Fish Hooked
Animal: Flamingos
Animal: Labrador
Animal: Llama
Animal: Puppy Sitting
Animal: Puppy Standing
Animal: Sea Turtle
Animal: Unicorn
Animal: Unicorn Head Small
Baby Bottle
Baby Carriage: Blue
Baby Carriage: Pink
Balloon: Over the Hill
Beach Ball
Birthday Cake: Boy
Birthday Cake: Girl
Birthday Cake: HBD Chocolate
Birthday Cake Slice: Boy
Birthday Candle: Boy
Birthday Candle: Girl
Birthday Cupcake: Multicolor
Birthday Cupcake: Pink
Birthday: Double Digits Party Hat
Birthday Party Hat: Boy
Birthday Party Hat: Girl
Birthday: Party Popper Black and Gold- Left
Birthday: Party Popper Blk/Silver- Left
Birthday: Party Popper Blk/Silver- Right
Birthday: Party Popper Red and Yellow- Left
Birthday: Party Popper Red and Yellow- Right
Birthday Present: Blue Green
Birthday Present: Multicolor Girl
Birthday Present: Pink and Turquiose Polka Dot
Birthday: Teen Alert
Bow: Pink
CAMPING: Lantern
Candy: Blue & Yellow
Candy: Pink
CARNIVAL: Circus Tent
Character: Lego Head
Character: Mouse Ears
Character: Pac-Man
Congrats: Gold
Congrats: Silver
Disco Ball
Edible: Beer Mug
Edible: Bourbon Glass
Edible: Champagne Bottle
Edible: Champagne Glasses
Edible: Coffee Cup
Edible: Donut
Edible: Ice Cream Cone
Edible: Lemonade
Edible: Margarita Glasses
Edible: Mint Julep
Edible: Popcorn
Edible: Smore
Edible: Taco
Edible: Wine Glasses
Emoji: 100
Emoji: Book Nerd
Emoji: Bow
Emoji: Football
Emoji: Grad
Emoji: Happy Hugs
Emoji: Laughing Tears
Emoji: Nerd
Emoji: Party Hat- girl
Emoji: Peace Sign
Emoji: Poop
Emoji: Siren- Teen Alert
Emoji: Sunglasses
Emoji: Wink
Fireworks : Black & Gold
Fireworks :Red, White & Blue
Flower: Hot Pink & Purple
Flower: Rose
Flower: Sunflower
GAME: Dice
GAME: Fortnite
GAME: Game Controller: Black
GAME: Rubik's Cube
Grad Cap: Black
Grad: Diploma - Gold
Heart: Glitter Gold-Sweet 16
Heart: I LOVE U - Pink
Heart: Pink
Heart: Red
Heart: XOXO - Pink
Holiday: Christmas - Stocking Green
Holiday: Christmas Tree
Holiday: Fall Leaf- Orange
Holiday: Fall Leaf - Yellow
Holiday: Halloween- Candy Corn
Holiday: Halloween- Witch Hat with Spider
Holiday: Jack-o-Lantern
Holiday: Snowflake
House Keys
Large Photo Frame: Gold Stars
Large Photo Frame: Rainbow Dot
Music: Guitar- Acoustic
Music Notes
Other Graphic: Arrowhead
Other Graphic: Moustache
Other Graphic: Pinwheel
Other Graphic: Princess Carriage
Other Graphic: Princess Castle
Other Graphic: Rainbow
Other Graphic: Rost Group (South KC)
Paw Print: Green
Paw Print: Royal Blue
Pennant - Go Colts
Pennant - Go Overland Jaguars
Pennant - Go Overland Tigers
Pennant - Go Overland Timberwolves
Pennant: Go Wildcats: K State
Pennant - KC Holy Cross
Pennant - KU Jayhawks
Pennant - Miege
RELIGIOUS: Cross- blue
Ribbon: Pink
Ribbon: Yellow
School: Apple-Red
School: Backpack
School: Crayon Frame (No Words)
School: Crayons
School Graphic: Painters Palette
School Graphics: Books- no words
School: Pencil Cup
School: School Bus Cut Out
School: Stack of Books
School: Stack of Books with Worm
Shopping Bag - Pink
Speech Bubble: Back to School
Speech Bubble: Comic -"BOOM"
Speech Bubble: Comic-"POW"
Speech Bubble: Comic-"WOW"
Speech Bubble: OMG
Speech Bubble: Welcome Back
Sport: Ballet Pointe Shoes
Sport: Baseball
Sport: Basketball
Sport: Dancer
Sport: Football
Sport: Golf Ball
Sport: Gymnast Silhouette
Sport: Hockey Puck
Sport: Home Plate
Sport: Horse- Drassage Rider
Sport: Lacrosse-LAX
Sport: Megaphone
Sport: Running Shoes
Sport: Soccer Ball
Sport: Softball
Sport: Swimmer
Sport: Tennis Ball
Sport: Track Foot
Sport: Trophy Cup
Sport: Volleyball
Sport: Wrestling
SUMMER: Flip Flops
SUMMER: Palm Trees
SUMMER: Red Sunglasses
Transportation: Airplane - Black
Transportation: Car Keys
Transportation: Driver's License
Transportation: Passport
Wedding: Diamond Ring
Wedding: Just Married

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