Card My Yard Ft. Lauderdale

Hi!! I'm "Ardie" Goethel, a Fort Lauderdale resident since 2014 (to be closer to my grandchildren) and, prior to that, lifelong resident of Miami. Ever since I saw a "Card My Yard" set-up for my granddaughter's 5th birthday, I knew that Fort Lauderdale needed more of this kind of joy! With some "behind-the-scenes" assistance from my daughter Amber, my son Kurt, my son-in-law Lee, and some amazing local women (who double as sign fairies), I look forward to helping you celebrate all of life's special moments in a big way.

Coming Soon to serve: 33060, 33062, 33064, 33069, 33304, 33305, 33306, 33308, 33309, 33311 and 33334

A Card My Yard yard greeting is the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and celebrations of any size. We are a full service yard sign rental company - you book the order and we take care of the rest.

This is an independently owned and operated franchise licensed by Card My Yard Franchising, LLC.

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Fonts (Hover for name)

Black Alphabet
Black Congrats
Black Glitter Alphabet
Black Glitter Congrats
Black Glitter Happy Birthday
Black Happy Birthday
Black Mazel Tov
Blue Glitter Alphabet
Blue Glitter Congrats
Blue Glitter Happy Anniversary
Blue Glitter Happy Birthday
Blue Glitter Mazel Tov
Bright Blue Alphabet
Bright Blue Congrats
Bright Blue Happy Birthday
Bright Blue Mazel Tov
Gold Alphabet
Gold Congrats
Gold Happy Anniversary
Gold Happy Birthday
Gold Mazel Tov
Green Happy Birthday
Multicolor Happy Birthday-Girl
Pink - Alphabet
Pink - Congrats
Pink Glitter Happy Birthday
Pink - Happy Birthday
Pink - Mazel Tov
Red Alphabet
Red Congrats
Red Happy Birthday
Royal Blue Alphabet
Royal Blue Congrats
Royal Blue Happy Birthday
Royal Blue Mazel Tov
Silver Glitter Alphabet
Silver Glitter Congrats
Silver Glitter Happy Anniversary
Silver Glitter Happy Birthday
Silver Glitter Mazel Tov

Graphics (Hover for name)

America: Flag
Animal: Crab
Animal: Dinosaur- Purple
Animal: Dinosaur- T-REX
Animal: Rubber Duck
Animal: Unicorn
Animal: Unicorn Head Small
Baby Carriage: Blue
Baby Carriage: Pink
Baby Onesie: Boy
Baby Onesie: Girl
Baby Rattle: Boy
Baby Rattle: Girl
Baby: Teddy Bear
Baby: Teddy Bear on the Moon
Ballet Slippers
Balloon: Over the Hill
Balloon: Silver- Teen Scene
Birthday Cake: 16th Blue Red Yellow Cake
Birthday Cake: 2 Tier yellow-Red
Birthday Cake: 3 Layer Black and Silver
Birthday Cake: 3 tier- pink, green blue
Birthday Cake: 3 tier- Red, Blue, Yellow
Birthday Cake: 4 Tiered Pink and Turquoise
Birthday Cake: Blue Dot
Birthday Cake: Gold Glitter and Black
Birthday Cake: HBD Chocolate
Birthday Cake Slice: Boy
Birthday Cake Slice: Girl
Birthday Cake: Strawberry w/ sprinkles
Birthday Cake: Yellow Dot
Birthday Candle: Boy
Birthday Candle: Girl
Birthday Party Hat: Boy
Birthday Party Hat: Girl
Birthday Party Hat: Multi Color Argyle
Birthday: Party Popper Black and Gold- Left
Birthday: Party Popper Black and Gold- Right
Birthday: Party Popper Blk/Silver- Left
Birthday: Party Popper Blk/Silver- Right
Birthday: Party Popper Red and Yellow- Left
Birthday: Party Popper Red and Yellow- Right
Birthday Present: Black and Gold Chevron
Birthday Present: Black with Gold Glitter Bow/Stars
Birthday Present: Blue
Birthday Present: Blue Green
Birthday Present: Blue- Red stripes
Birthday Present: Multicolor Boy
Birthday Present: Multicolor Girl
Birthday Present: Pink Stars
Birthday Present: Red with Blue Stars
Birthday Present: Turquoise polka dot with pink bow
Birthday Present: Yellow Orange Diagonal Stripes Blue Bow
Bubble: Multicolor
Camera - Black
Candy: Pink
Character: Batman
Character: Black Panther
Character: Captain America
Character: Captain Marvel-girl
Character: Hello Kitty
Character: Mouse Ears - Mickey
Character: Mouse Ears- Minnie
Character: Mouse Ears - Minnie - Pink Bow
Character: Paw Patrol: Chase
Character: Paw Patrol Everest
Character: Paw Patrol-Marshall
Character: Paw Patrol Sky
Character: PJ Masks Circle
Character: Sesame Street - Big Bird
Character: Sesame Street - Cookie Monster
Character: Sesame Street - Elmo
Character: Snoopy
Character: Wonder Woman
Clothing/Accessories: Crown
Clothing/Accessories: Lipstick
Clothing/Accessories: LV Style Handbag
Clothing/Accessories: Nail Polish
Clothing/Accessories: Tutu
Cupcake: Blue with Chocolate
Cupcake: Cherry
Cupcake: Pink
Cupcake: Sprinkles
Disco Ball
Drink: Beer Mug
Drink: Bourbon Glass
Drink: Champagne Glasses
Drink: Coconut Drink
Drink: Coffee Cup
Drink: Coffee- Frappe
Drink: Cosmopolitan
Drink: Lemonade
Drink: Margarita Glasses
Drink: Milk Shake
Drink: Seltzer Drink
Drink: Wine Bottle
Drink: Wine Glasses
Emoji: Heart Eyes
Emoji: Heart Eye Santa
Emoji: Party Blower- boy
Emoji: Sunglasses
Fireworks: Bright Blue/silver
Fireworks: Pink/silver
Fireworks: Royal Blue and Silver
Flower: Elephant Ear
Flower: Peony
Flower: Rose Bouquet
Flower: Sunflower
Flower: Tulip Bouquet
Flower: Yellow Bouquet Pink Bow
Food: Donut- Pink
Food: Popcorn
Game: Fortnite
Game: Game Controller: Black
Game: Gaming Headset
Game: Legos
Game: Play Station Game Controller - BLUE
Game: Pro Gamer
Game: Roblox R
Game: Rubik's Cube
Grad Cap: Black
Grad Cap: w/ Gold Diploma
Grad Cap: w/ Silver Diploma
Grad: Diploma - Silver
Heart: Blue Glitter
Heart: Bright Blue
Heart: Girl Power- Pink
Heart: Glitter Silver
Heart: It's a boy
Heart: It's a girl
Heart: Love
Heart: Overlapping Hearts
Heart: Pink
Heart: Pink Glitter
Heart: Primary Color Rainbow
Heart: We Love you - Pink
Heart: XOXO - Pink
Movie/ Theater: Movie Clapboard
Music Notes
Nature: Sun
Other Graphic : High Heels
Other Graphic: Pinwheel
Other Graphic: Princess Carriage
Other Graphic: Princess Castle
Paw Print: Dark Green
Paw Print: Red
Paw Print: Royal Blue
Paw Print: Silver Glitter
Pennant: FSU Seminoles
Pennant: Gators
Religious: Bar Mitzvah- Blue
Religious: Bat Mitzvah- Pink
Religious: Cross - blue
Religious: Cross - Pink
Religious: Star of David - Bright Blue
Religious: Star of David - PINK
Religious: Star of David - ROYAL BLUE
Ribbon: Yellow
School: Backpack
School: Calculator- Green
School: Composition Book - Green and Blue
School: Crayons
School: Globe
School Graphic: Atom
School Graphic: Backpack/school supplies- Pink
School Graphic: Be Kind
School Graphic: CCS Logo
School Graphic: Gear Bulb
School Graphic: Painters Palette
School graphic: Pencil Sharpener
School Graphics: Books- no words
School Graphic: Test Tubes
School: Open Book with Fairy Tale Kingdom
School: Pencil Cup
School: Pencils
School: School Bus
School: School Supply Heart
School: Stack of Books
Shopping Bag - Pink
Sleeping Bag- Pink Dot
Speech Bubble: 40 & Fabulous
Speech Bubble: 50 & Fabulous
Speech Bubble: Comic-"POW"
Speech Bubble: Comic-"WOW"
Speech Bubble: Dream Big Cloud
Speech Bubble: Enjoy Your Day
Speech Bubble: Honk- blue
Speech Bubble: Honk- pink
Speech Bubble: Time to Celebrate- Blue
Speech Bubble: You're Special- Red
Sport: Baseball
Sport: Baseball Glove
Sport: Basketball
Sport: Basketball & Net
Sport: Cheerleader-Black and grey with blonde hair
Sport: Cheerleader-Blue
Sport: Football
Sport: Gold Medal
Sport: Golf Ball
Sport: Golf Clubs
Sport: Hockey Puck
Sport: Horseback Rider
Sport: Horse- Drassage Rider
Sport: Karate Silhouette
Sport: Lacrosse-LAX
Sport: Live Love Surf
Sport: Megaphone
Sport: Running Shoes
Sport: Running Shoes Pink
Sport: Skier
Sport: Skier in Circle
Sport: Small Hockey Puck
Sport: Soccer Ball
Sport: Soccer Silhouette- male
Sport: Softball
Sport: Softball Glove
Sport: Swimmer
Sport: Tennis Ball
Sport: Trophy Cup
Sport: Volleyball
Sport: Weights
Summer: Beach Ball
Summer: Beach Car
Technology: iPad - Celebrate!
Technology: iPhone
Technology: Newer iPhone
Transportation: Airplane- blue
Transportation: Anchor
Transportation: Car Keys- Large
Transportation: Golf Cart
Transportation: Jeep - Blue
Transportation: Jeep - Pink
Transportation: New Driver Sign
Transportation: Sailboat
Transportation: Vintage Surf Truck
Travel: Suitcase
Valentines: Envelope Heart
Wedding: Diamond Ring
Wedding: Heart - Gold Mr. & Mrs.
Wedding: Just Married

Addons (Hover for name)