Frequently Asked Questions

Q: WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE? A: Price includes set up and take down of your personalized greeting. Orders may be subject to delivery and rush fees. Once we have processed payment you don't need to do anything else except enjoy your front yard for 24 hours....and send us a picture if you'd like. #cardmyyard
Q: HOW DO I KNOW IF MY DAY IS AVAILABLE? A: When you select the Event Date, our website will automatically determine if the date is available based on each location’s inventory.
Q: WHAT ZIP CODES DO YOU SERVICE? A: If your zip code is within a delivery area the website will route you automatically to the correct location. If you receive an Out of Service Area notification, please contact your nearest local franchisee for help. Depending on your location, the delivery area can be extended.
Q: WHAT IF YOU ARE BOOKED ON THE DAY I WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE A GREETING A: We will do our best to accommodate all of your requests but we can only run greetings when we have the available inventory. We recommend scheduling your yard greeting at least 24 hours out. Last minute bookings will be based on available inventory.
Q: CAN I PLACE A SPECIAL ORDER? A: Yes. We accept special orders placed a minimum of 3 weeks prior to delivery. We need the time to design your graphic, print and ship.