Card My Yard Clovis

Hi I'm Carrie Sherwood and I live in Clovis, California with my husband Adam of 15 years. We have 4 kids, our oldest William and then our triplets Charlie, Dorothy, and Benjamin. We love being in Central California where adventure is never far away. I love Pilates, Pickleball, and trips to the beach. I can't wait to share Card My Yard with our community and bring Joy to those around us. Proud to serve: 93611, 93612, 93619, 93710, 93720, 93730, and 93711

A Card My Yard yard greeting is the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and celebrations of any size. We are a full service yard sign rental company - you book the order and we take care of the rest.

This is an independently owned and operated franchise licensed by Card My Yard Franchising, LLC.

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Fonts (Hover for name)

Black Alphabet
Black Congrats
Black Happy Birthday
Blue Glitter Congrats
Bright Blue Alphabet
Bright Blue Congrats
Bright Blue Happy Birthday
Camo Blue Happy Birthday
Comic Happy Birthday
Dark Green Congrats
Gold Alphabet
Gold Congrats
Gold Happy Birthday
Gold JOY!
Green Alphabet
Green Congrats
Green Happy Birthday
Maroon Congrats
Multicolor Happy Birthday-Boy
Multicolor Happy Birthday-Girl
Pink - Alphabet
Pink - Congrats
Pink Glitter Alphabet
Pink Glitter Congrats
Pink Glitter Happy Birthday
Pink - Happy Birthday
Purple Glitter Alphabet
Purple Glitter Congrats
Purple Glitter Happy Birthday
Rainbow Sequin Happy Birthday
Red Alphabet
Red Congrats
Red Glitter Congrats
Red Happy Birthday
Royal Blue Alphabet
Royal Blue Congrats
Royal Blue Happy Birthday
Silver Glitter Alphabet
Silver Glitter Congrats
Silver Glitter Happy Anniversary
Silver Glitter Happy Birthday
Silver Glitter JOY!
Tie Dye Happy Birthday
Yellow Alphabet
Yellow Congrats
Yellow Happy Birthday

Graphics (Hover for name)

America: Flag
America: United States Air Force
America: United States Army
America: United States Marines
America: United States Navy
Animal: Bulldog - Red Collar
Animal: Butterfly
Animal: Cow
Animal: Deer Antlers
Animal: Dinosaur - Green
Animal: Dinosaur- Purple
Animal: Dinosaur- T-REX
Animal: Happy Crab with Seaweed
Animal: Mallard Duck
Animal: Mallard duck on water
Animal: Pig
Animal: Puppy Sitting
Animal: Purple & Yellow Butterfly
Animal: Rooster
Animal: Seahorse
Animal: Sea Turtle
Animal: Shark
Animal: Starfish
Animal: TRex with Background
Animal: Triceratops with Background
Animal: Unicorn
Animal: Unicorn Head Small
Animal: Yellow & Blue Happy FIsh
Baby: Bottle
Baby Carriage: Blue
Baby Carriage: Pink
Baby Rattle: Boy
Baby Rattle: Girl
Baby: Teddy Bear
Ballet Slippers
Balloon: Over the Hill
Birthday: Birthday Glasses Blue
Birthday: Birthday Glasses Pink
Birthday Cake: 2 Tier yellow-Red
Birthday Cake: 3 Tier Blue, BrightBlue, Yellow Cake
Birthday Cake: 3 tier- pink, green blue
Birthday Cake: 3 tier- purple, pink, yellow icing
Birthday Cake: 4 Tiered Pink and Turquoise
Birthday Cake: Gold Glitter and Black
Birthday Cake: HBD Chocolate
Birthday Cake: Red Candles
Birthday Cake: Single Layer Dark Pink Cake with Lime Green Frosting
Birthday Cake Slice: Boy
Birthday Cake Slice: Girl
Birthday Cake: Strawberry w/ sprinkles
Birthday Cake: Unicorn Cake
Birthday Candle: Boy
Birthday Candle: Girl
Birthday Candle: Gold
Birthday Candle: Silver
Birthday Party Hat: Black and Gold Triangle
Birthday Party Hat: blue and red
Birthday Party Hat: Boy
Birthday Party Hat: Double Digits
Birthday Party Hat: Girl
Birthday: Party Hat Gold with Black dot
Birthday Party Hat: Multi Color Argyle
Birthday Party Hat: Pink Blue Stripe
Birthday Party Hat: Pink-Double Digits
Birthday Party Hat: Red Blue Stripe
Birthday: Party Popper Black and Gold- Left
Birthday: Party Popper Black and Gold- Right
Birthday: Party Popper Blk/Silver- Left
Birthday: Party Popper Blk/Silver- Right
Birthday: Party Popper Red and Yellow- Left
Birthday: Party Popper Red and Yellow- Right
Birthday Present: Black with Gold Glitter Bow/Stars
Birthday Present: Blue Argyle
Birthday Present: Blue Green
Birthday Present: Blue- Red stripes
Birthday Present: Multicolor Boy
Birthday Present: Multicolor Girl
Birthday Present: Pink and Turquiose Polka Dot
Birthday Present: Pink & Gold
Birthday Present: Pink Stars
Birthday Present: Purple Stars
Birthday Present: Red and Silver Bow
Birthday Present: Yellow Red White Dots Blue Bow
Bow: Blue
Bow: Green
Bow: Pink
Bubble: Multicolor
Camping: Fir Trees
Candy: Pink
Candy: Polkadot
Candy : Red Swirl
Carnival: Tickets
Character: Astronaut w/ Flag
Character: Batman
Character: Bluey
Character: Boba Fett
Character: Captain America
Character: Harry Potter
Character: Harry Potter - Hermoine
Character: Hello Kitty
Character: Hulk
Character: Ice Princess - Anna
Character: Ice Princess - Elsa
Character: Karate Kid - Boy
Character: Karate Kid - Girl
Character: Lego Head
Character: Luigi
Character: Mario
Character: Mermaid Girl
Character: Mouse Ears - Mickey
Character: Mouse Ears - Minnie - Pink Bow
Character: Sesame Street - Big Bird
Character: Sesame Street - Cookie Monster
Character: Sesame Street - Elmo
Character: Star Wars - Darth Vader
Character: Star Wars - R2-D2
Character: Star Wars - Yoda
Christmas: Christmas Tree
Christmas: Elf on the Shelf Boy
Christmas: Grinch Face
Christmas: Leg Lamp (It's Italian!)
Christmas: Nativity Characters
Christmas: OH Come let us Adore HIM
Christmas: Ornament Hear- Red
Christmas: Ornament- Red and White dot
Christmas: Rudolph the Reindeer
Christmas: Santa in the Chimney
Christmas: Wreath
Clothing/Accessories: Lipstick
Clothing/Accessories: LV Style Handbag
Clothing/Accessories: Make Up Bag
Clothing/Accessories: Nail Polish
Clothing/Accessories: Pink Glitter Princess Crown
Cupcake: Blue Iced Pink Paper
Cupcake: Pink
Cupcake: Sprinkles
Drink: Beer Mug
Drink: Boba Tea
Drink: Champagne Bottle
Drink: Champagne Glasses
Drink: Coconut Drink
Drink: Coffee Cup
Drink: Hydroflask- Red
Drink: Seltzer Drink
Drink: Wine Glasses
Emoji: Grad
Emoji: Heart Eyes
Emoji: Party Blower- boy
Emoji: Party Blower - Girl
Emoji: Sick Mask
Emoji: Siren- Teen Alert
Emoji: Sunglasses
Emoji: TikTok Heart
Emoji: TikTok Peace
Emoji: TikTok Smiley
Emoji: TikTok Wink
Fall: Happy Fall Truck
Fall: Leaf- Orange
Fall: Leaf - Red
Fall: Leaf - Yellow
Fall: Pumpkin
Fall: Turkey
Fireworks: Black and Silver
Fireworks: Black & Gold
Fireworks: Pink/silver
Fireworks: Red, White & Blue
Fireworks: Royal Blue/Gold
Flower: Elephant Ear
Flower: Peony
Flower: Rose Bouquet
Flower: Tulip Bouquet
Food: Cookie
Food: Donut
Food: Donut- Pink
Food: hamburger
Food: Muffin
Food: Pizza
Food: Popcorn
Food: Smore
Food: Taco
Game: Among Us Certified Imposter
Game: Among Us Shhh Imposter
Game: Fortnite
Game: Fortnite #1 Victory Royale
Game: Game Controller: Black
Game: Legos
Game: Minecraft
Game: NERF Bullseye
Game: NERF Darts
Game: Play Station Game Controller - BLACK
Game: Play Station Game Controller - BLUE
Game: Play Station Game Controller - PINK
Game: Roblox Silhouette
Grad Cap: Black
Grad: Congrats Grad Circle- gold
Grad: Congrats Grad Circle- silver
Grad: Congrats Graduate- black circle
Grad: Diploma - Gold
Grad: Diploma - Silver
Grad: Graduate- Female
Grad: Graduate- Male
Graduation: Congrats Graduate Circle- Black & Red
Graduation: Congrats Graduate Circle- Black & Royal Blue
Graduation: Congrats Graduate Circle- Black & Yellow
Heart: BE MINE - Pink
Heart: Blue
Heart: Blue Glitter
Heart: Bright Blue
Heart: Glitter Gold
Heart: Glitter Silver
Heart: Green
Heart: Heart Beat- red
Heart: I LOVE U - Pink
Heart: I LOVE U - Purple
Heart: It's a boy
Heart: It's a girl
Heart: Love
Heart: Multi Stripe
Heart: Overlapping Hearts
Heart: Pink
Heart: Pink Glitter
Heart: Purple
Heart: Purple Glitter
Heart: Purple, Pink & Red
Heart: Red
Heart: Red Glitter
Heart: Red & Pink
Heart: USA Flag
Heart: XOXO - Pink
Heart: Yellow
HOME: House and Tree
Home: Succulents - Tan and Pink Pots
Home: Succulents - Turquoise Pot
House Keys
Medical: Bandaid
Medical: Scrub Top
Medical: Stethoscope
Movie/ Theater: Movie Clapboard
Music: Electric Guitar RED
MUSIC: Jutebox
Music Notes
Music: Piano Keys
Music: Treble Clef
Nature: Rainbow
Nature: Sun
Other Graphic : High Heels
Other Graphic: Lineman
Other Graphic: Princess Castle
Outdoors: Get Outside Backpack
Outdoors: Go Outside Bear
Outdoors: Mountain Road Campfire
Outdoors: The Great Outdoors
Pennant - Bears (Buchanan HS)
Pennant - Broncos (Clovis North HS)
Pennant - Buchanan (Buchanan HS)
Pennant - Bulldogs (Fresno State)
Pennant - Cedarwood (Cedarwood Elem)
Pennant - Clovis (Clovis HS)
Pennant - Cougars (Clovis HS)
Pennant - Eagles (Clovis West HS)
Pennant - FPU (Fresno Pacific University)
Pennant - Fresno State
Pennant - Go Hawks (Cedarwood Elem)
Pennant - Sunbirds (Fresno Pacific University)
Pennant - Timberwolves (Clovis East HS)
Religious: Cross - blue
Ribbon: Pink
Ribbon: Yellow
School: 4H Clover
School: Apple-Red
School: Apple with Worm
School Graphic: Cedarwood Hawk Head
School Graphics: Books- no words
School: Pencil Cup
School: Pencils
School: School Bus
School: School House
School: Theatre Mask
School: We Missed You Chalkboard
School: We Missed You Pencil Circle
School: We Missed You School Blue
Space: Alien Spacecraft
Space: Planets
Space: Purple Space Alien
Space: White Blue Rocket With Flames
Speech Bubble: Back to School
Speech Bubble: Comic-"POW"
Speech Bubble: Comic-"WOW"
Speech Bubble: Super
Speech Bubble: Sweet 16 Burst
Sport: Baseball
Sport: Baseball Glove
Sport: Basketball
Sport: Basketball & Net
Sport: Colorful Dancer on Heart
Sport: Dancer
Sport: Football
Sport: Football Field
Sport: Golf Ball
Sport: Golf Clubs
Sport: Home Plate
Sport: Karate Kick Silhouette
Sport: Karate Silhouette
Sport: Megaphone
Sport: Motocross
Sport: Pickleball
Sport: Pickleball Paddle
Sport: Rollerskate
Sport: Running Shoes
Sport: Soccer Ball
Sport: Softball
Sport: Softball Glove
Sport: Swimmer
Sport: Tennis Ball
Sport: Tennis Racquet
Sport: Track Foot
Sport: Volleyball
Sport: Water Polo
Sport: Water Polo
Sport: Wrestling
Sport: Yellow Pickleball
Summer: Beach Ball
Summer: Beach Car
SUMMER: Palm Trees
Technology: iPhone
Transportation: Airplane - Black
Transportation: Blue Red Monster Truck
Transportation: Camping Trailer
Transportation: Car Keys- Large
Transportation: Driver's License
Transportation: Euro Sports Car
Transportation: Globe
Transportation: Golf Cart
Transportation: New Driver Sign
Transportation: Tractor - Green
Transportation: Yellow Red Monster Truck
Travel: Paris
Travel: Passport
Valentines: Red Lips
Valentines: Valentine Cupcake Tower
Wedding: Diamond Ring
Wedding: Just Married
Wedding: Wedding cake
WESTERN: Cowboy Boot
WESTERN: Cowboy Hat

Addons (Hover for name)

SUPER CAKE - 3 Tier Blue, Bright Blue, Yellow
SUPER PARTY HAT- Blue and pink polka dot
SUPER PARTY HAT- blue with red top
SUPER PARTY HAT- multi argyle
SUPER SIGN: Grad Cap- Gold